Submission Reminder for Authors

Grindhouse Press is a little over three months away from opening to submissions. Our plan is to open August 1 – 4, 2023 for authors who have not been previously published by Grindhouse Press. If you’ve been published in one of our anthologies, you are welcome to submit during this window.

I’m sending out this newsletter to remind everyone to please read the submission guidelines before sending your manuscript. Every year after closing to submissions I add to the list of things we are not looking for and update the list of things we do want to publish. Last year we had a slew of serial killer novels and, after looking at our list of previously published books, I realized that Grindhouse Press needs to take a break from serial killers for a while. And inevitably, authors will submit manuscripts with stories from the list of things I’m not looking for, which ends up being a waste of time for the author and myself as I reject those manuscripts without opening them.

Also, please be sure to double-check the submission page the day you submit. My partner and myself are currently house hunting. We’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage but are patiently waiting for a house that’s within our price range to become available. We’re planning on staying in the town we live in (pop. 3700) but there are not very many houses available, and houses within our price range are even slimmer. And when houses do go on the market, they’re usually under contract within 24 hours. Ideally, we’d rather not end up moving/possibly renovating and be open to submissions, but we cannot control the housing market. In the rare event that buying a house coincided with submissions, the submission window may be delayed or canceled. So please check the submission page the day you submit your manuscript.

Thank you for your understanding and support.