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Forthcoming from Grindhouse Press

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We have officially made it through all the submissions and here is our forthcoming lineup (there will be some additional titles added through 2020 and 2021):

The rest of 2019

THE LONG SHADOWS OF OCTOBER by Kristopher Triana (9/17/19)
MERCILESS by Bryan Smith (TBA)
THE CYCLE by John Wayne Comunale (TBA)
A VOICE SO SOFT by Patrick Lacey (TBA)


TRUE CRIME by Samantha Kolesnik
COCKSUCKER by Lucas Milliron
LUCIFERIN by J. Peter W.
THE PERFECTLY FINE HOUSE by Stephen Kozeniewski and Wiley E. Young
HORRORAMA: VOLUME 1 edited by C.V. Hunt
BLOOD RELATIONS by Kristopher Triana


GO DOWN HARD by Ali Seay
GIRL OF PREY by Pete Risley
HOUSE OF BAD MEMORIES by Michael David Wilson

Office Mutant by Pete Risley

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Now live wherever you purchase ebooks or paperbacks! Remember to screenshot your receipt after purchase (paperback, ebook, or pre-order) and email it along with your name and mailing address with giveaway in the subject line to gindhousepress (at) yahoo (dot) com by February 28th to enter for your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Office Mutant Cover ebook

#035 – Office Mutant by Pete Risley

Kindle $2.99

Paperback $11.95

A nervous, insecure file clerk named Tim Plummet awakens from vague nightmares into a surreal world that to him seems quite mundane. Arriving at his workplace, he enters an artificial but drab office milieu generated by a mysterious device called the Space Saver. Among his co-workers is a gleeful assistant director named Mr. Drivel, who possesses the extraordinary power to manipulate reality within that milieu and seeks to make Tim his protégé. At home, Tim himself has an oddly heightened ability to dominate his wife Betty and their children, despite Betty’s persistent complaints about a bill they receive in the mail from a company called Bliss Assurance. Tim insists on paying the bill, while he admits he doesn’t know what services are being provided. Betty schemes to rebel against Tim’s control, and events at both home and work become increasingly bizarre until Tim experiences a revelation…

Kindle Pre-order

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Clicking the cover will redirect you to Amazon’s website where you can pre-order  the Kindle version of Office Mutuant by Pete Risley. Publication will be 2/13/2018.Office Mutant Cover ebook