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#090 – The Hands of Onan by Chris DiLeo

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Michael Stiffe has an addiction. Not alcohol. Not drugs. Masturbation. It ruined his marriage and has made it impossible for him to write the follow-up to his literary debut. But his personal problem has also put his friend in terrible danger.

Elizabeth Delrose’s husband, Drew, has abandoned her and their child to join the Worshippers of Onan, a cult of self-pleasure. She believes Drew’s disappearance is Mike’s fault and is determined to make him find her husband and bring him back. This will not be easy—the cult is shrouded in secrecy.

Mike will have to risk his safety, sanity, and even his life, confronting his personal demons, the traumas behind his onanistic addiction, and the murderous threat of fanatical worshippers who will do anything for their god.

Your friend’s gone, Mike is warned. You go after him, you might be gone, too.