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Limbs: A Love Story by Tim Meyer

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front cover limbs

Coming February 9, 2019!

#046 – Limbs: A Love Story by Tim Meyer

I am not a monster.

Ray Bridges, a professional electronics salesman, is looking for love in all the strange places. He spends most nights sneaking into support group meetings for the disabled in order to satisfy his deepest, darkest desires—to hook up with unfortunate, down-on-their-luck women who’ve recently lost a limb. There’s a name for Ray’s preference; it’s called acrotomophilia, a paraphilia involving amputees.

Conflicted, Ray wishes he could change. But he can’t. His body won’t let him. Nor will his mind. He’s destined to live this life, forever. That is . . . until he meets the perfect girl. Falls in love with her. Only problem: her arms and legs are attached.

 Unable to find her attractive, Ray embarks on a dark, twisted journey of self-discovery, one that will force him to make an impossible choice: abandon his pursuit of true love or find a way to make it work, even if that means getting the girl of his dreams to shed an appendage.

Weird, comedic, and often raunchy, Limbs is the craziest love story ever told.

Publication Day!

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WhereStarsWontShine COVER lowres

Now available!

Where Stars Won’t Shine by Patrick Lacey



Pre-order AS SEEN ON T.V.

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You can now pre-order the Kindle version of our second publication for 2019, AS SEEN ON T.V. by John Wayne Comunale. Available January 19, 2019. Click the cover to be redirected to Amazon.

Available now!

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Front Cover Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths PDF

Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths by John Wayne Comunale

Paperback $11.95

Kindle $2.99

ISBN: 978-1941918210

Everyone is looking for shortcuts in life, but rarely do they find the kind they’re looking for, and when they do it never turns out like they thought. But what if you were to accidentally fall into cahoots with an other-worldly creature who could provide those shortcuts and so much more? Of course, there’s always a price attached to such favors, but killing gets easier the more you do it, and everything is great as long as the rewards outweigh the risk. That is until you find out this was never true and you’ve inadvertently set into motion something so horrible you lack the capacity to understand or accept it.