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How To Kill Yourself by C.V. Hunt

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How To Kill Yourself
C.V. Hunt
Grindhouse Press #014
Paperback and Ebook
86 pages
$7.95 USD

Earth, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. There is only one way to move from any of these worlds to the next…

Satanic Summer by Andersen Prunty

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Satanic Summer
Andersen Prunty
Grindhouse Press #666
Paperback and Ebook
238 Pages
$9.95 USD
ISBN: 0984969292

Doug Backus is a normal young man trying to lead a clean Christian life but when mysterious and gruesome deaths begin occurring in his town of Clover, Kentucky, he learns that his life can never be as wholesome as he wants. Along with his heathen friend Crank and pariah neighbor Whitney, he becomes involved in an exploration of the town’s secrets that will either lead them to their doom or answer all the questions Doug has about almost everything. Only one thing becomes certain: Salvation is not an option.

From Andersen Prunty, author of Fuckness and Hi I’m a Social Disease, comes a sleazy horror comedy about friendship, religion, and satanic orgies.

Pray You Die Alone by Andersen Prunty

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Pray You Die Alone: Horror Stories
Andersen Prunty
Grindhouse Press #011
Paperback and Ebook
90 pages
$7.95 USD
ISBN: 0984969233

A short story collection from Andersen Prunty, author of Fuckness and Hi I’m a Social Disease. Contains “The Summer of Flies”, “Deathtripping in New Orleans”, “Durning”, “Air Cathedral”, “The Nowhere Room”, “Black Rosita’s Man”, and “Rayles.”

King of the Perverts by Steve Lowe

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King of the Perverts
 Steve Lowe
Grindhouse Press #010
Paperback and Ebook
122 pages
$8.95 USD
ISBN: 098496925X

Poor Dennis. He’s a regular sort of guy who’s recently been dealt a shitty hand by life: he lost his job, his wife hates him and wants a divorce, and it turns out she was also cheating on him as well. Now he’s living on his brother’s couch. Holy fuck, that sucks. Dennis can’t imagine things could get much worse, and that’s why he jumped at the opportunity to take part in a new reality game show: a “sexcathlon” where the first person to achieve 10 increasingly difficult and perverted sexual challenges wins a million dollars and is crowned King of the Perverts. Dennis doesn’t care about the title, he just wants the money, but now he’s not sure he can make it to the end. Enduring a golden shower and following through with an Abe Lincoln are hard enough, but he’s losing his nerve and fears what act of perversion will come next. He’d like to drop out, but his Russian bear of a cameraman, Mongo, has other plans for him and that million dollar prize, and Dennis has to decide which is worse: winning the King of the Perverts, or losing it.


“Steve Lowe is depraved! He taught me a few things with this hilarious, dangerous, sexy (?) book… None of which I wanted to learn. Take a ride with the King of the Perverts-just strap your clean thoughts and innocence in a car-seat, and hopefully they’ll survive the trip.” – Kevin Shamel, author of Rotten Little Animals, Island of the Super People, and Porn Land (forthcoming).

“Great, hilarious stuff that also raises a lot of questions about money, fame, gender and, more importantly, the Dirty Sanchez.” – Andersen Prunty, author of Fuckness and Hi I’m a Social Disease

“I get airsick pretty goddamned easily. But I kept reading while I was on the plane. Even through the turbulence. I started at the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport eating a veggie burger in a TGIFridays and ended whilst descending into Arizona. The unsuspecting woman sitting beside me had no idea. It was awesome. Completely amazing in so many ways. So sick. Oh, so sick.” – Caris O’Malley, author of The Egg Said Nothing

Sunruined by Andersen Prunty

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Sunruined: Horror Stories
Andersen Prunty
Grindhouse Press #009
Paperback and Ebook
104 pages
$7.95 USD

Seven bleak stories from Andersen Prunty. Contains “The Jackthief”, “The Screaming Orchard”, “Glowers Point”, “Cruel Women with Whiplike Smiles”, “The Smoke of Samuel”, “Sad Clown, Kentucky”, and “Sunruined”.

Book #004

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Grindhouse Press Book #004 will be William Pauley III‘s The Brothers Crunk: An 8-Bit Fack-it-all Adventure in 2D.

Here’s a brief description: Brothers Divey and Reynold Crunk are two traveling breakfast burrito salesman just trying to make a living in the post-apocalyptic world of Planet Japan. After discovering a mutilated robot corpse in the middle of the desert, Divey mysteriously transforms into something abominable, setting a bizarre series of events into motion. Reynold follows his brother into the dark underworld of Tokyo, where there are no rules and old video game accessories are used as real weapons.

This is scheduled for a late January release but may be available before then. Check back for cover art and signed copy info.

The Horribles by Nathaniel Lambert

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Now Available!!!

The Horribles
by Nathaniel Lambert
124 Pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826281-5-7
Cover Price: 10.95



House of Fallen Trees by Gina Ranalli NOW AVAILABLE

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“Two men have the carcass.” These words, heard over a crackling telephone line, change writer Karen Lewis’s life for the worse.  Months earlier, her brother went missing in the small rural town of Fallen Trees, Washington. And now she finds out he willed his half of a bizarre bed and breakfast to her. “Two men have the carcass.” Is this ominous phrase enough to draw her into the mystery of Fallen Trees? Is the answer to her brother’s disappearance located there? Or is it just a trap, something designed to draw her into a nightmare world and break her sanity? What horror awaits Karen in the House of Fallen Trees?


Barnes & Noble
Direct from the Publisher

House of Fallen Trees by Gina Ranalli

Grindhouse Press Book 001
Trade Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9826281-1-9
Release Date: June 15, 2010

Cover designed and illustrated by Brandon Duncan:

Morning is Dead is Now Available

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Morning is Dead by Andersen Prunty


Amazon (also available as a Kindle download)

Barnes & Noble


Signed Copy from the Publisher! (12.00 S&H included)

Things went wrong for Alvin and April Blue. In a hospital at night, April sits next to Alvin, bandages covering his burned skin, listening to his heartbeat on a monitor, and wonders how they ended up here. But she can never imagine the world of insanity, drugs, and crime that Alvin has fallen into. A place where fetuses are used to create simulacra, radiation victims prowl the streets looking for sacrifice, houses are arbitrarily detonated, and the police force is more like a marauding gang of thugs. A place where it’s always dark and morning is dead… 


“An emotionally devastating descent into bizarre horror. If Philip K. Dick wrote horror, Morning is Dead might be what he’d have written.” -Jordan Krall, author of Squid Pulp Blues and Fistful of Feet


“Event horizon dark.” -Nathaniel Lambert, co-author of Sideshow PI: The Devil’s Garden


“Alarmingly pertinent… Nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. An amazing book.”

-Matthew Revert, author of A Million Versions of Right    


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