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Morning is Dead is Now Available

Posted in Books with tags , , , , , , , on April 27, 2010 by grindhousepress

Morning is Dead by Andersen Prunty


Amazon (also available as a Kindle download)

Barnes & Noble


Signed Copy from the Publisher! (12.00 S&H included)

Things went wrong for Alvin and April Blue. In a hospital at night, April sits next to Alvin, bandages covering his burned skin, listening to his heartbeat on a monitor, and wonders how they ended up here. But she can never imagine the world of insanity, drugs, and crime that Alvin has fallen into. A place where fetuses are used to create simulacra, radiation victims prowl the streets looking for sacrifice, houses are arbitrarily detonated, and the police force is more like a marauding gang of thugs. A place where it’s always dark and morning is dead… 


“An emotionally devastating descent into bizarre horror. If Philip K. Dick wrote horror, Morning is Dead might be what he’d have written.” -Jordan Krall, author of Squid Pulp Blues and Fistful of Feet


“Event horizon dark.” -Nathaniel Lambert, co-author of Sideshow PI: The Devil’s Garden


“Alarmingly pertinent… Nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. An amazing book.”

-Matthew Revert, author of A Million Versions of Right