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Here are links to all Grindhouse Press titles at Amazon
(Also available at Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and wherever books are sold)

#666 – Satanic Summer by Andersen Prunty

#030 – Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C.V. Hunt

#029 – Burn Down the House and Everyone In It by Zachary T. Owen

#028 – The Atrocity Vendor by Nick Cato

#027 – Misery and Death and Everything Depressing by C.V. Hunt

#026 – Naked Friends by Justin Grimbol

#025 – Ghost Chant by Gina Ranalli

#024 – Hearers of the Constant Hum by William Pauley III

#023 – Hell’s Waiting Room by C.V. Hunt

#022 – Creep House: Horror Stories by Andersen Prunty

#021 – Other People’s Shit by C.V. Hunt

#020The Party Lords by Justin Grimbol

#019 – Sociopaths In Love by Andersen Prunty

#018 – The Last Porno Theater by Nick Cato

#017 – Zombieville by C.V. Hunt

#016 – Samurai Vs. Robo-Dick by Steve Lowe

#015 – The Warm Glow of Happy Homes by Andersen Prunty

#014 – How to Kill Yourself by C.V. Hunt

#013 – Bury the Children in the Yard: Horror Stories by Andersen Prunty

#012 – Return to Devil Town (Vampires in Devil Town Book Three) by Wayne Hixon

#011 – Pray You Die Alone: Horror Stories by Andersen Prunty

#010 – King of the Perverts by Steve Lowe

#009 – Sunruined: Horror Stories by Andersen Prunty

#008 – Bright Black Moon (Vampires in Devil Town Book Two) by Wayne Hixon

#007 – Hi I’m a Social Disease: Horror Stories by Andersen Prunty

#006 – A Life On Fire by Chris Bowsman

#005 – The Sorrow King by Andersen Prunty

#004 – The Brothers Crunk by William Pauley III

#003 – The Horribles by Nathaniel Lambert

#002 – Vampires in Devil Town by Wayne Hixon

#001 – House of Fallen Trees by Gina Ranalli

#000 – Morning is Dead by Andersen Prunty


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