Bright Black Moon by Wayne Hixon


Bright Black Moon (Vampires in Devil Town Book Two)
Wayne Hixon
Grindhouse Press #008
Paperback and Ebook
254 Pages
$9.95 USD

 In Bright Black Moon Wayne Hixon returns with the second installment in his sprawling, unconventional vampire saga. A mysterious storm blows through the town of Lynchville, Ohio, trapping two teenagers on a farm. It turns out that one of them might be a monster and, if that isn’t enough to deal with, the evil Ilya has returned to try and finish what she started.


One Response to “Bright Black Moon by Wayne Hixon”

  1. Amy Moore Says:

    I have to admit I am an avid reader, but I have never seen the first book. I picked up the book at a local flea market. I honestly think this is the best book I have ever read. I could not stop reading this book. It goes with Anne Rice or Stephen King or should be. I can not wait to get the second book. Loved it, loved it!

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