A Life On Fire by Chris Bowsman


A Life On Fire
Chris Bowsman
Grindhouse Press #006
Trade Paperback
116 Pages
$7.95 USD
ISBN: 0982628196
Approximate release date: May 2, 2011

Gerald McManner does not have a happy life. His job is boring and he goes home to an empty house. Every day is pretty much the same, until one day when his dreams become nightmares and the boredom becomes insanity. Will he find his way back to the light, or burn in his alcohol and depression fueled hell?

Bowsman has created a strange, beautiful and heart-wrenching story that will continue to haunt you long after you’ve read the last sentence. A must-read! – Gina Ranalli, author of Praise the Dead

Very heartbreaking. It reads like an absurdist’s survival guide to Stephen King’s The Mist. – Nathaniel Lambert, author of The Horribles

A violent nightmare of Charlie Kaufman proportions. – William Pauley III, author of The Brothers Crunk


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