Vampires in Devil Town

Grindhouse Press Book #002 will be Vampires in Devil Town by Wayne Hixon!

One evening Rachel Stokes is yanked from her bed and dragged into a black van by two young abductors. They refer to her as a chosen sacrifice and her mind races, wondering where they might be taking her. She thinks she knows. There’s a house located in a hollow of rural Lynchville. It’s called the Sad House, a place of legend. Rumors say it appears and disappears. Even worse than the house are the people who live in it. They could be vampires. They could just be ghosts with teeth. They’ve come after Rachel before and she narrowly escaped. And now  they’ve come back to finish what they started in this horrifying and suspenseful novel by first time author Wayne Hixon.

Vampires in Devil Town
by Wayne Hixon
Trade Paperback
376 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826281-3-3
Cover price: $13.95
Click Here to Pre-order a Signed Copy
Coming August 2010!

Cover designed and illustrated by Brandon Duncan of


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