Morning is Dead

“This is the blackest fucking rabbit hole you could possibly fall down.”

Things went wrong for Alvin and April Blue. In a hospital at night, April sits next to Alvin, bandages covering his burned skin, listening to his heart beat on a monitor, and wonders how they ended up here. But she can never imagine the world of insanity, drugs, and crime that Alvin has fallen into. A place where fetuses are used to create simulacra, radiation victims prowl the streets looking for sacrifice, houses are arbitrarily detonated, and the police force is more like a marauding gang of thugs. A place where it’s always dark and morning is dead…

Morning is Dead by Andersen Prunty

Grindhouse Press Book Zero

Trade Paperback

150 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9826281-0-2

April 2010


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