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Samurai Vs. Robo-Dick by Steve Lowe

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Samurai Vs. Robo-Dick
Steve Lowe
Grindhouse Press #016
Paperback and Ebook
150 pages
$9.95 USD
ISBN: 098834842X

Homicidal Wendigos!
Limb-lopping samurai!
Ambitionless slackers!
A redhead!

It’s been a few weeks since Benson returned to his parents’ home in the idyllic gated community of Grand Acres. He hasn’t seen them since. Ever since locking himself in the house with his supply of junk food and pot, he hasn’t seen much of anyone. When he’s finally coerced from the house and joins an ominous neighborhood group know as the Brown Shirts, Benson realizes things in Grand Acres aren’t nearly as tranquil as he thought. Even worse, there’s a samurai on the loose who is settling grudges in very violent ways.

Sunruined by Andersen Prunty

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Sunruined: Horror Stories
Andersen Prunty
Grindhouse Press #009
Paperback and Ebook
104 pages
$7.95 USD

Seven bleak stories from Andersen Prunty. Contains “The Jackthief”, “The Screaming Orchard”, “Glowers Point”, “Cruel Women with Whiplike Smiles”, “The Smoke of Samuel”, “Sad Clown, Kentucky”, and “Sunruined”.


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